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Clockwork Studios, 38a Southwell Road, London SE5 9PG   

mobile: 07765 652 892  

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twitter: Sian Jones Ceramics @sianelijones



 I am a ceramic artist living and working in London, based at Clockwork Studios in Loughborough Junction.  I print, paint and draw directly on clay using underglaze colours and slips. Inspiration for my work comes from street culture and the changing urban and industrial landscape, taken from my photographsand drawings.




 In my latest work I paint and print with slips on to terracotta clay and fire to 1080 using a honey glaze.  I enjoy the contrast of using this traditional slipware technique and its rich history with contemporary imagery and subject matter and the juxtoposition of old and new.








Large stencilled slipware bowl

45cms x 45cms